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Renewable Heating Installations Ltd

Air Source

Heat out of thin air

From flats to large detached houses, office blocks and schools, air source heat pump systems are appropriate for domestic new-build and retrofit projects. They represent reliable, sustainable heating technology and provide efficient space heating and hot water all year round. By absorbing low grade heat from the air they efficiently raise its temperature to suit space or water heating requirements. 

Live in comfort

For every 1kW of electricity fed into the heat pump you could get at least 3kW of heating energy. Your air source heat pumps will provide water temperatures of 55o C without backup and electric heating in ambient temperatures as low as -25oC.  You can be sure of a warm and comfortable environment for your family.

Only the best

RHI works with leading manufacturers of air source heat pumps.  This ensures you of superior quality and flexibility in a product that best suits your application. There’s no fuss, ever – your heat pump saves you money with little disruption and little need for ongoing maintenance.

Versatile, too

Our air source heat pump systems are suitable for every size project – small domestic to large commercial application. They provide a growing list of valuable benefits:

  • 1kW electricity produces 3kW heating energy
  • Assists achievement of renewable energy targets
  • Minimises running costs and CO2emissions
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Fully scalable; operates independently or in conjunction with other systems
  • Optimised systems available from 4kW to 688kW


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