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Gas Fired

Heat from mains gas – something more traditional

Most households in the UK have mains gas central heating. A gas-fired boiler heats water ,for central heating via your radiators and hot water via the taps in your home.

The three most common boilers are standard/regular boiler, system boiler or combination boiler, all are now available as condensing boilers.

A standard/regualr boiler or a system boiler will heat water that is then stored in a hot water cylinder. This is  most suitable for larger houses with more than one bathroom and where hot water is needed on demand and in significant quantities for heating, bathes etc. This is because in most cases these boilers are capable of heating the central heating and the hot water at the same time.

A combination boiler is suitable for smaller households, flats and bungalows where there are fewer users with modest heating and hot water demands., typically properties or houses with one bathroom. (Some of the latest combination boilers, however, can suit larger households. 

Condensing boilers are designed to run at a lower flow temperature, typically 55 – 60 degrees, this means that the flue gases within the boiler will condense and the boiler run at up to 91% efficiency  and thereby reduce your energy consumption and your gas bills, repaying your initial investment in just two to four years of normal use.

Consider the alternatives

The UK is no longer self-sufficient in gas.  As a fossil fuel, gas produces carbon dioxide when it’s burned and can’t be considered a clean source of energy.  Furthermore, installing a gas central heating system from scratch can be expensive and disruptive.

You could install heat pumps or underfloor heating  and save quite a lot of money on your energy bills.

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