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Solar Thermal

Water warmed by the sun

Solar thermal water heating harnesses the Sun’s energy within solar thermal panels. It’s a great way to reduce energy costs and heat the water you use in your home or business.

Meets up to 90% of demand

During the summer months, a solar water heating system can generate as much as 90% of the hot water used in a home or business.  A well designed solar heating system will generate around 55% of the annual domestic hot water demand whilst also substantially reducing carbon emissions.

Homeowners and businesses can generate so much of their own hot water by taking advantage of RHI’s full technical design service, accredited installation and market leading products.

Valuable incentives to cut costs and get payback

Since April 2014, domestic solar water heating is being supported by payments available through the RHI.

The tariff for solar water heating is currently set at 19.51p per kWh, and will be paid for 7 years. The kWh is the standard unit of heat payment, used in electricity and gas bills.

A solar water heating system generating between 1000 and 1500 kWh per year could therefore receive payments of about £200 to £300 per year, amounting to between £1400 and £2100 over 7 years.

Fuel savings during the first seven years might be between £400 (for mains gas) and £800 (for fuels like oil, LPG or electricity). The fuels savings will continue for many years beyond this, and will be worth more to you as fuel prices rise. Over 20 years, the fuels savings could be several thousand pounds.

Easy installation

Panels can be installed on pitched or flat roofs or on a ground-mounted frame.  They can also be integrated into buildings as part of innovative façade systems and canopies.  Panels gain most energy when facing south but are also effective when orientated anywhere between east and west.

Accredited installers for Kingspan evacuated tubes

Although we can fit any type of solar thermal system, we recommend evacuated tubes because they offer many superior features and benefits: 

  • High efficiency – super fast heat transfer; 30% more efficient than traditional flat plate panels
  • Unique temperature limitation safety device
  • Robust design withstands variations in and harshness of British weather
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • 20-year guarantee
  • MCS Approved and Solar Keymarked

Kingspan Solar supply the world’s most efficient and technologically advanced solar thermal vacuum tubes and flat plate solutions. They offer real costs savings for commercial and domestic applications and enable us to offer you an extended 20-year warranty on your installation.

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