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Renewable Heating Installations Ltd

Under Floor

Flexible underfloor heating systems – ideal for renovations and new-builds

RHI combine design know how and product expertise to provide underfloor heating to home owners and house builders or specifiers. We have a wealth of experience   designing and installing integrated underfloor heating with an unbeatable range of types of systems. Whatever your design, whatever the project, we deliver a complete pipe layout, supply and install service  and a system to fit it, providing the best return on your investment.

Ours is an integrated approach

RHI combine underfloor heating and renewables systems to take advantage of low flow temperatures and maximise heat pump efficiency, creating a more comfortable and controlled living environment for the end user.

How it works

Low-temperature hot water circulates throughout a network of pipes installed into the floor screed.  Each room is individually controlled using a room thermostat.  Because underfloor heating delivers 70% radiant heat and 30% convected heat it can be set at a slightly lower temperature than a radiator system, which delivers the converse of this. You enjoy a more controlled, comfortable experience.

New build and refurbishments

When a new floor is being installed to current building regulations, we typically pin the underfloor heating pipes to the 100mm celotex insulation board, fill and pressure test it in preparation for the building contractor to lay the 75mm floor screed over the top.

Flexible, to suit your needs

Our retrofit, low profile underfloor system can be installed over an existing floor or as part of a new build, making it a totally flexible system.  At only 18mm in depth, you can install underfloor in older and existing properties very simply and without expensive, disruptive excavation.

Designed to perform.  Our underfloor heating systems have a 10-year complete system guarantee – peace of mind that your system is built to last. The benefits are extensive and impressive:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Uniform heat distribution, no cold spots
  • Low maintenance
  • Long life expectancy
  • Individual thermostat room control
  • No unsightly radiators
  • Easy to install, can be used on ground and upper floors
  • Fits easily over most floor types
  • Ideal for renovation or new-build
  • Integrates with existing heating system or renewables
  • 10-year complete system guarantee

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